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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Draw a Girl-Cách vẽ con gái

How to Draw a Girl-Cách vẽ con gái

How to Draw a Girl1 How to Draw a GirlDrawing is a very good art of creativity and innovation no matter how far we tend to inculcate our minds on a sheet of paper. There are endless topics or subjects on which an individual can show his skill by making a sketch or a portrait of it on a drawing paper. This is an art of foundation which starts from a creative mind and end in appreciation found visible on a drawing sheet. There are many experts in this field to prove their proficiency even without any flaws and lacunae. But there also lays many budding talents to prove their essence in drawing a picture or a landscape and accept notable recognition and appreciation.

Among the various categories which an artist or a painter likes to draw and keep a record in their collection, a beautiful portrait of a girl is also in the list of their whims and desires. But there are some easy and simple steps take can offer a touching look to the sketch of a girl which a beginner in this field of art should observe and pursue. Such relevant and necessary points are described in brief under the following subheads: -

Selection of the Posture

Before an artist or a beginner tries to draw or sketch a picture of a girl he should select the type of pose a girl can carry for his piece of art. He should be very particular whether a smiling face of a girl or a sad look should come up according to his creativity on the sheet of a drawing paper. This is because art based on drawing and sketch bears expression in the form of colors and shading offered by an artist or a painter which in the end accepts wide spread acclamation for such unique piece of creativity.

Parts of the Body

There are some specific parts in the body of a girl which needs relatively high attention and observation while drawing one a sheet of paper. These features of a body can be the limbs, pointed fingers, nose, eyes, lips, hairs and last but not the least the trunk of the whole body. A beginner has to put real good concentration and interest in sketching these parts so that the entire art achieves the desiring and deserving acknowledgment. This is because such feature adds the beauty and grace to the whole drawing of a girl which an artist or a painter can bring into life through his drawing skills on a canvas.
Filling with colors

If an individual prefers to add colors to his drawing he can go for some real bright shades like red, pink and even golden or brown. These colors come into play and bear the life while applying for the various parts and feature of the portrait taking a girl as the subject of the art. The color combination can add more value to the drawing of the girl which is based solely on the selection of the artist to offer a realistic and appealing look to his creative piece. This is because colors hold the glossy look or the brightness that a drawing can deliver in the uniqueness of an art.

These are the important details and factors that hold good while drawing a picture of a girl. But what counts the most is the happiness and pleasure from a drawing an artist should achieve as a source to feel refresh and satisfaction because a creative art should always be made with excitement to seek joy and contentment but not as a duty to perform or a task to accomplish.

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