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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chinese man destroyed his Lamborghini sport car _ Một gã Tàu đập nát xe thể thao Lamborghini

Chinese man destroyed his Lamborghini sport car _ Một gã Tàu đập nát xe thể thao Lamborghini

A rich dude in China’s Qingdao City smashed his US$500,000 (including tax) Lamborghini Gallardo sport car in front of dozens of spectators, including some invited press, following series of unresolved disputes with the car dealer.

China man destroyed Lamborghini

China man smashed Lamborghini

China man smashed Lamborghini

China man smashed Lamborghini

China man smashed Lamborghini

This is what happen when idiots have too much money to spend.

It’s claimed that the car dealer sold him a faulty sport car and couldn’t fix the problem and refused to take up responsibility, thus he’s smashing the car on the World Consumer Rights Day (March 15) to show his strong dissatisfaction.

Lamborghini China responded that they have never given up on fixing the car and expressed their regrets for the inconvenience cause and the smashing of the car.

HERE IS ANOTHER MAD CHINESE MAN - Lại thêm một thằng Tàu khùng

The Japanese Naked Festival - The Hadaka Matsuri

The Japanese Naked Festival - The Hadaka Matsuri - Lễ hội ở truồng Nhật bản


The Hadaka Matsuri happens all over Japan at different times, though there tends to be a lot more of them in the winter, when it’s especially cold (another popular time is summer, for the weak girly-men). Mostly men strip down, drink saké, and put on shorts or loincloths (fundoshi) to keep themselves somewhat decent (though some people do end up going 100% naked, and it usually isn’t considered vulgar). It’s a Shinto purifying ritual, and a pretty damn cold looking one at that. Sometimes there’s a “sacred object” that people try to find / touch for good luck. It looks like this particular Hadaka Matsuri’s “sacred object” was that poor dude getting mobbed by a bunch of naked, wet, probably very drunk, men.


This particular version looks like disaster waiting to happen…

Should you want to go to a Hadaka Matsuri and experience the excitement for yourself, I found some vague info on when / where these are held throughout the year, though I’m sure there are plenty more (you’ll have to ask your local contacts, I’m afraid)

Kanamara Penis Festival - Lễ "phộc" Kanamara

Kanamara Penis Festival - Lễ "phộc" Kanamara

Cherry blossoms and Kanamara Festival flags in Kawasaki, Japan.

Kawasaki, a name that normally resonates 'motorcycles' is a town less than an hour from Tokyo by train and a place that resonates with 'genitalia' in early April when a local Shinto shrine or jinja holds a colourful and hilarious one day festival to pray for safe sex - the Kanamara Matsuri or 'Festival of the Steel Penis'.

Kawasaki Festival Shrine Mikoshi , Japan

Kanamara Matsuri

Mikoshi - portable shrines - awaiting a priestly blessing in front of the Kanamara Shrine

This spring event has been banging away for 300 years now, initiated by local prostitutes seeking protection from sexually transmitted diseases but these days supported by the whole community in a typically guilt-free Japanese celebration of genitalia, fertility and good-natured fun. Transvestites, gays, couples, grandmothers, hawkers and of course curious gaijin [foreigners] mix together to suck on genital lollies, pose with vast whangs, buy erotic trinkets, bid for hand-carved radish dongs and drink plenty of beer under the blue skies [with luck] and white blossoms of a Japanese spring. Shrine profits go to Aids benefits.

first portable shrine #2301

Kawasaki Festival Mikoshi carrying, Japan

Mikoshi leaving Kanamara shrine gateway for a bounce around the underpants of Kawasaki.

Japanese people have a surprisingly relaxed attitude to the sexual business, probably not unconnected with the liberal attitude of Japan's predominant religions, Buddhism and its Shinto variant. Philosophers say that Shame is the driving force of Japan, as opposed to Christian Guilt, so we have to assume that there is no shame attached to the attractions of a giant dick.

Kawasaki Festival Kodo band, Japan

A sensational Kodo band follows a western style rock band, and all for free.

This festival starts about 11am and becomes distinctly flaccid around sunset, weather-permitting.





A Tokyo resident experiencing oral satisfaction in Kawasaki. Next, Takayama Spring Festival.
The Tagata shrine [jinja] Komaki, Japan, engages in similar social intercourse to Kanamara - though with bigger equipment - at the Hounen Penis Fertility Festival, aka Chiwawa Matsuri, annually on March 15. Komaki is less than an hour by train from Nagoya.

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

And I mean it is not like it isn’t obvious that EVERYONE is either taking photos and/or videos of them. See for yourself.

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

The other thing that surprised me was how many people brought young children and made it a family event. A lot of families seem fine with their young sons or daughters sucking on a lollipop shaped like a penis or having the children pose with the big phallus. I mean, really? You think that even though everyone obviously is taking photos that they will not take your photo or is it that you just don’t care?

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself conservative by any means and I was not offended, embarrassed, or uncomfortable to be at the penis festival, but just knowing that my mom and dad read my website from time to time makes me somewhat uncomfortable posting about Kanamara Matsuri! I am not sure I would like to go to this festival with my parents and if I had kids, if I were to bring them, I seriously doubt I would let them suck a penis or vagina shaped lollipop with so many people/photographers around. Especially in Japan where everyone has a cellphone, and every cellphone can take photos and/or videos. I mean, REALLY? These people don’t mind? This isn’t an awkward situation?

Anyway, there are two main parts to the penis festival, the parade and the events at the shrine. The parade is fairly short and participants carry around 3 portable shrines. A big steel phallus, a big pink phallus (carried by transvestites) and a wooden one.

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

The shrine is where most of these photos are from and maybe you can get a good idea of what goes on there. In addition to posing with penis you can, carve a penis (or vagina) from a large radish, eat food shaped like a penis (or vagina), walk over a relatively small penis or buy numerous things shaped like a penis (or vagina), all presumably for good luck with being fertile and protection from HIV and other STDs.

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan

Now this guy has the right idea.

the penis festival kanamara matsuri kawasaki japan


6 Weird Monuments From Around The World - 6 tượng đài Kỳ quặc quanh thế giới

6 Weird Monuments From Around The World - 6 tượng đài Kỳ quặc quanh thế giới

Monuments exist as a testament to the greatness/significance of whatever event or person they are commemorating. Because while human memory might fail and books might deteriorate, solid granite or marble will survive for centuries to tell tales of all the important things past. The following monuments however are nothing like that and seem to exist solely for the sake of being weird.
Mimizuka (Kyoto, Japan)


When you travel abroad it’s only natural to want to bring back some souvenirs with you, like a snow globe or a keychain perhaps? But if you were a 16th century Japanese warrior in Korea, away from your country fighting a bloody war, you wouldn’t care about such trifle things. Snow globes that is. You still would want some souvenirs of course, like maybe Korean noses and ears to show off to the family.


A few centuries ago, facial body parts were a popular war trophy in Japan, and during one of the country’s many invasions of the Asian mainland (from 1592 to 1598) the samurai gathered ears and noses from over 38,000 killed Koreans and enshrined them in Kyoto for reasons most likely connected with their rampaging insanity. Today that is Mimizuka – literally translating to “Ear Mound” – a monument commemorating Japan’s invasion of Korea, built around a piece of dirt covering a bunch of ears from murdered foreign civilians.

Didn’t these guys ever see “Poltergeist”? Nothing good will come out of this…

Underwater Sculpture Park (Grenada)

underwater sculpture park01

Every monument is a statement. It might be something about equality and freedom, as represented by, say, the Statue of Liberty, or it could be a statement of the country’s weird ear fetish, like with Mimizuka. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to display your monument openly, so your message can reach the most people.

underwater sculpture park02

Sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor however had a different idea about this and set himself up as the world’s first underwater artist. His works can be found at the bottom of Moliniere Bay in Grenada, consisting of dozens of statues built on land and submerged in the area on May 2006. Taylor’s underwater monuments supposedly highlight ecological processes and themselves act as an artificial reef for the local marine life.

The statues are located in the shallow parts of the Moliniere Bay and are easily accessible to scuba divers, people with glass bottom boats and mermaids.

The Chinese Penis (Changchun, China)

the chinese penis01

Who would have thought that the world’s largest penis would come from China of all places? Well it does, and it measures a walloping 30 feet in erect form, standing proudly in the middle of Longwan Shaman Amusement Park, in Changchun.

the chinese penis02

Before you get any ideas, this is a penis monument we’re talking about here. The Chinese, in the most obvious case of overcompensating for something, actually built a massive steel and straw penis totem, named The Sky Pillar, in memory of the shaman Ewenki, an important figure in Chinese shamanistic mysticism. The Sky Pillar is supposedly symbolizing the Chinese’s pursuit of happiness and prosperity, proving that the East and the West have two vastly different ideas of happiness.

A few tourists have protested the Straw Penis but the majority seemed to not mind it, even if the monument does stand in the middle of a park visited mostly by children. But hey, if the local government won’t step in to flash your children, then who will?

the tikrit bush shoe01

In December 2008, President Bush decided to take a trip around the Middle East and visit all the places America has “liberated”, because as we all know 2008 marked the time when all hostilities in that region stopped and the war was officially over. In the end Bush held a press conference in Baghdad’s Green Zone where, because nobody likes a gloater, one of the reporters took off his shoe and threw it at Bush, instantly making history.

the tikrit bush shoe02

To celebrate this hilarious event and prove they can take a joke, in early 2009 the Iraqis unveiled a large, sofa sized replica of the infamous shoe in Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein. Also, a green bush was planted inside it. Hey, there is no reason to not find joy and laughter in life, even if your country has been torn apart by military conflict.

Enema Monument

enema monument01

Everyone has something that they are particularly proud of, but you don’t see your neighbor building a statue to immortalize that one time he spit at more than 35 yards, no matter how impressive that might have been. That is why it’s so weird to see the Russian town of Zheleznovodsk be proud enough of their enema treatments to build a $42,000 monument commemorating just that.

enema monument02

The Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium, quite famous for treating constipation and other gastrointestinal problems, is currently the site of a 5-foot tall, 800-pound bronze enema syringe held up by three Botticelli angels, celebrating the supposed wonders of this frightening inner-butt procedure. The head of the Sanatorium claims there is not a hint of irony in this, because the enema has basically became the symbol of the region, which is something you think they would want to keep to themselves.

It’s nice that the people there have something to be proud of but this is like Baltimore commissioning a statue to memorialize the city’s impressive dope fiend population.

Mount Rushmore

mount rushmore01

You might be thinking that you know Mt. Rushmore and that there is nothing weird about it. It is after all a symbol of America, honoring the 4 great presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and the fourth guy. If there is anything strange about it, it’s the fact that it keeps giving red blooded patriots raging erections despite depicting a bunch of dudes.

mount rushmore02

That is all fine and dandy but it avoids a few crucial pieces of information: Mt. Rushmore is a full out symbol of American oppression. It’s not just because the monument was designed and carved out by Gutzon Borglum – a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who even sat at the Imperial Koncilium during the changing of KKK’s leadership. It’s also not about the fact the Borglum chose the 4 presidents for the monument based on their contributions to America’s expansion, which you might remember included mostly murder of native tribes back then.

mount rushmore03

It’s about what Mt. Rushmore was supposed to be and where it was built. The 4 presidents were carved into what was known in the past as the Six Grandfathers, a sacred site for the Lakota Sioux tribes, which was taken from them and desecrated without as much as a “Thank You, and Good Luck”. And after the white man dynamited and carved himself a piece of that holy rock, what did we do? We did not follow through, that’s what. Did you know that Mt. Rushmore is not finished?

The original plan didn’t call only for faces. The presidents were supposed to be carved all the way down to their waists. It was simply never finished due to time and budget constraints. Just something to keep in mind the next time you are in South Dakota: Gaze upon Borglum’s laziness and shake your head.